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Valentines Day Gift Guide 2014

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Handmade Tropical Valentines cards

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Unique handmade Valentines cards for Valentine’s Day, a wedding anniversary or an engagement; buy one of our handmade valentine cards for your partner, lover, husband or wife today.

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Are you looking for unusual valentine cards for a loved one, an anniversary or a wedding? You can use our heart-themed cards as wedding cards, birthday cards or handmade anniversary cards. Unlike most handmade greeting card designs, these cards really are hand-made by the artist. They are neither hand assembled nor mass produced. If you like strong colours, unusual and vibrant designs, then you have arrived at the right place! See:- Cats Valentines cards & our Love Letter kit.
Tropical Valentine cards design

All of our valentines cards are made using the finest materials; raw silk, handspun wool and handmade papers, often dyed with our own natural dyes. The result is a unique handmade greeting card that will be treasured for a long time to come. We hope that you find what you are looking for and that you enjoy browsing our site!

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25 Jan

Card prices reduced but there is a small charge for P&P



09 Feb

5 days to Valentines Day



22 Jan

Tropical Valentine cards re-published



25 Jan

Tropical Valentine cards re-published & card designs

23 Jan

Royal Hearts cards re-published & gallery of card designs

23 Jan

Passion valentine card designs & gallery of designs

18 Jan

New pages - Paired Hearts valentines cards & gallery of card designs

15 Jan

Intimate Hearts valentine cards & gallery of designs

Customer Comments:

‘Teresinha, I ordered some of your Valentine cards and some wrapping paper. They arrived today in perfect shape and look stunning! I use many of the same dyes on fiber and am really impressed with how well they work on paper.’  Penny from Sky Loom Weavers,, USA.

'The card arrived on Tuesday, I was very impressed'. Peter from Redditch.

'Thank you, I love the cards! I can’t believe the prices of cards in stores and the price you are selling handmade cards. I was very happy to find your website and I know my wife will love the card.' Adam Marksby, Darlington.

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