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Valentines Day Gift Guide 2014

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2014

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Insight magazine

Handmade cards!

Handmade valentines cards

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This is what Insight Magazine (Issue 162, January 2012) had to say about Tropical Valentines cards:-

“With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start considering which gifts and cards you intend to give to your loved one and with a wealth of card shops on the high street offering similar, if not identical cards, to each other it can be a little disheartening and somehow not very personal. However, with Tropical Valentines Cards you can be assured that the card you give to a loved one is unique, vibrant, and truly handmade.

Blue Heart valentine card“All the cards are
made completely
from scratch and I
design them using
materials we have
produced or from
suppliers that I
personally select”

owner Teresinha Roberts told us. Choose from a range of heart Valentine cards made using natural materials such as raw silk, hand spun wool and perhaps most importantly handmade papers and natural dyes. The paper and dyes are actually made by hand, with Teresinha herself growing materials for the paper and dyes in her own allotment!

The natural dyes used are derived mainly from madder, brazilwood, logwood, weld, woad and indigo, and they produce dyes which are incredibly rich and vibrant in colour resulting in bolder deeper colours on the cards, plus they are a renewable source unlike synthetic dyes so they are much kinder to the environment too!
Starlight Hearts valentine card
With a selection of Valentines cards available including unique heart patterns and detail, they are not only suitable for Valentine’s Day, but for many other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and so on. Wrapped beautifully and delivered promptly, they make for the perfect card to give to your love this Valentine.
Visit to purchase Peacock Hearts valentines cardfrom the range and to find out more.

A huge range of the paper used to make the cards from artisans in Nepal is also available through the website

The selection includes paper suitable for computer/printer use as well as artists’ paper, gift wrap and much more. Greetings cards for all occasions can also be found at Wildpaper, so whatever the occasion Teresinha has the card for you!”


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