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Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you have ever bought roses for a partner on Valentine’s Day you may have noticed that roses are significantly more expensive on Valentine’s Day than they are at any other time of the year. This fact alone may make you think that a great Valentine’s Day gift has to be expensive. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can find really inexpensive gifts that your loved one will greatly appreciate. This article provides a few tips for finding inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts which are meaningful but also provides some tips for how traditional, expensive Valentine’s Day gift ideas can be modified in a way that makes them more affordable.

Consider the roses we just referred to. Buying your loved one a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day can be expensive. However, there are other ways to give flowers without emptying your bank account. One way to make giving flowers more affordable is to consider giving a gift of a single red rose. This is not only an incredibly dramatic gift but it is also very affordable. Another way to make giving flowers on Valentine’s Day more affordable is to choose flowers which are not so traditional on Valentine’s Day and these are likely to be less expensive. A very popular alternative to a rose is an orchid and there are many beautiful and dramatic orchids that you can give. As long as it is a flower your partner enjoys it will make a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

Another unique and inexpensive way to give a flower-related gift on Valentine’s Day is to give your partner seeds or bulbs of her favourite flowers and pots to grow the flowers in. This is a great gift idea because it is original and it shows that you know what your partner likes and it is very affordable.

Ordering pizza and renting a few films is an inexpensive gift idea for Valentine’s Day. You can even present your partner with a gift basket filled with a couple of movies, popcorn, chocolates and a bottle of wine. Then the two of you can spend the evening together watching films, snacking and spending time together. Going out on Valentine’s Day can often be stressful not to mention expensive. However, you can save a great deal of money and have a more relaxing evening by renting a few films and spending an evening in with your loved one.

One final inexpensive gift idea for a Valentine’s Day gift is an elegant album or journal. You can find albums in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles anywhere books and paper are sold and you can search for a journal in a style you know your partner will love. Many journals come with a picture or a quote on the front and if you select one of these you should take great care to ensure the picture or quote is something which will be meaningful and special to your partner. If you opt for a journal without a picture or a quote you should still seek out a style which will be visually appealing to your partner. This is important because although a journal is essentially a book filled with empty pages, your partner is more likely to complete these pages if she likes the look of the journal. Finally, you should fill the first page of the journal with a heartfelt note letting your partner know why you selecting this particular gift and encouraging your partner to use this book for whatever purpose she desires.

Tropical Valentine Cards has a very beautiful handmade album or journal carefully made for you in Nepal. The album is made from natural handmade lokta paper without a caption on the front. It is just asking for you to add a title or caption on the cover and a romantic note inside that will make it a very special Valentine’s present for your partner.

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