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Valentines Day Gift Guide 2014

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2014

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Insight magazine

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08 Feb

6 days to Valentines Day



22 Jan

Tropical Valentine cards re-published



25 Jan

Tropical Valentine cards re-published & card designs

23 Jan

Royal Hearts cards re-published & gallery of card designs

23 Jan

Passion valentine card designs & gallery of designs

18 Jan

New pages - Paired Hearts valentines cards & gallery of card designs

15 Jan

Intimate Hearts valentine cards & gallery of designs



24 Jan

New article - World’s oldest lovers



31 Jan

Write a special letter with our Love Letter kit!

27 Jan

Pink Swirl Gift wrap paper in valentines wrapping papers

22 Jan

Featured in Insight Magazine (p.9 of Issue 162)

15 Jan

See our range of Cat Valentine cards

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29 Dec

Info page re-designed - Valentines cards resources & info

01 Oct

Price of Royal Hearts cards reduced - you save 40p more

12 Jun

All our valentine cards are now postage free!

29 Jan

New range of valentines cards - Royal Hearts

16 Jan

5 new valentine cards with alpaca & cochineal - four hearts & alpaca hearts

12 Jan

Four new handmade valentines cards - Viking Heart & Green Hearts



08 Feb

Lokta paper string for your Valentine’s presents

06 Feb

Buy Seduction, Lust and Passion Heart Cards

30 Jan

5 new Valentine’s heart cards added

27 Jan

New Valentine’s gift wrap added

17 Jan

New Valentines Day cards added

09 Jan

6 new Valentine card designs for you to buy

04 Jan

Handmade Gift Wrap paper for wrapping your Valentines presents



16 Oct

History of Valentines Day...

07 Feb

More valentines cards added to the handmade valentine card collection

31 Jan

Tropical Valentine Cards moved to

25 Jan

New Valentine card - Blue Heart



02 May

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27 Feb

New Stockist in Gloucestershire for handmade valentine cards

26 Jan

4 new valentine cards added to the Tropical Valentine card collection



09 Dec

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06 Jan

Page for UK Stockists of Teresinha’s greeting cards added



12 Dec

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