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Love Letter kit - Bright Red paper & envelopes

Use our Love Letter kit to send a very special hand-written or computer printed letter for Valentine’s Day or for a birthday, wedding anniversary etc. 6 sheets of Red handmade lokta paper & 3 Red handmade lokta paper envelopes.

1) Red handmade lokta A4 paper (6 sheets)
Brightly coloured red A4 computer (pack of 25 sheets) from Wild paper’s Vibrant A4 Computer Paper range.

The printer paper has a smooth calendared top surface and an only slightly less smooth reverse surface. We suggest that you use this paper for handwritten letters and two-sided printing in inkjet printers, or one sided in laser printers.

A4 paper is 297 mm by 210 mm. This is a natural product and the colours may vary between batches and may be displayed differently on computer monitors.

2) Red handmade lokta paper C6 or DL envelopes (3 envelopes)
Red C6 or DL-size handmade lokta paper envelopes to match our Red paper from Wild paper’s Vibrant A4 Computer Paper range

This handmade envelope is 114 x 162 mm (approximately 4 1/2 x 6 3/8 inches) and holds an A4 sheet folded twice into quarters or an A5 sheet folded in half. This is the most common size of envelope for domestic use and is very easy to fold the A4 letter paper into the envelope. Remember that these are handmade envelopes and that the exact sizes may vary but there should be adequate clearance to ensure that A4 handmade computer paper will fit.

The DL-size envelope is 110x220mm (approximately 4 1/3 x 8 2/3 inches) and holds an A4 sheet folded twice into 3 parts. This is the most common size of envelope and most offices send out their branded stationery in this envelope size. Whilst this is the most popular size it does involve folding your stationery in three.

Our handmade envelopes are not gummed but you can use a closure method of your choice. A very effective closure method is double-sided tape or adhesive paste.



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